Wisdom of the Masters 

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Courses Available 

Ancient Masters Course

Learn how to understand your dreams and how to recall them.

Learn how to contact and work with Angels.

Learn who the Ascended Masters are and how to work with them.

Learn what Crystals are and how to work with them.

Learn what Auras are and how to see them.

Learn the Art of Dowsing.

Learn what Astral Projection is and how to master it.  Includes Astral Projection Music

Learn how to master your own Psychic Abilities.

Learn what Meditation is and how to apply it to your life.

Learn what Pyramid Power is and how to harness it.

Learn all there is to know about working with Trees
Learn about  Orgonite
Learn about Herbal Healing
Learn about Psionics
And much more

                                Course comes on several CDs or on a Flash Drive

The Course is $65.00 which includes shipping

To Order Ancient Masters Course click on donation button and put in $65.00