The Mystic Realm  

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I built this website so that I can reach out to everyone and anyone interested in many topics related to the Metaphysical and the Secret Knowledge of the Masters To and Including UFOS and Higher Dimensional Beings!

I have put together informational CDs & Flash Drives that range

from Metaphysical, Gemstone and Herbal and including the 

 Ancient Secrets of the Ascended Masters, and UFO Library of Knowledge!

Below are what I am offering at this time. I will be adding more as I am building this website for you so any input you may have or any information you seek but do not see here , please contact me on the About Me page!

Metaphysical Knowledge CD

Channeling Handbook
Dream Analysis
Human Frequency
Kundalini And Chakras
The Astral Plane
and much more information! 

Gemstone Information CD

Crystal Cleansing
Crystal Health And Wealth
Gemstone Guide
Wearing Crystals
and much more information!

Herbal Information CD

Egyptian Herbal Remedies
Herbal Glossary
Gathering Herbs
Herbal Medicines
Essential Oils
and much more information!

Extraterrestrial Contact  Library of Information On a Flash Drive

UFO Sounds

UFO Photos


Wav Files

Alien Races

UFO Books

and much more information! 

* Due to amount of Information contained in this, you will receive a Flash Drive instead of a CD. *

Magick Wisdom CD

Book Of Shadows
and much more information!

Free Energy Informational Flash Drive

Homemade Light Bulbs
Build your Own Generator
Homemade Batteries
Solar Water Pumping
Fuel-less Gravity Engine
and much more information!

* Due to the amount of information contained in this Library, you will receive a Flash Drive instead of a CD.*