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Workshops Available 

Activating and Repairing The Crystalline DNA

This Workshop you will be taught how to activate and repair your DNA and activate your Crystalline DNA structure. This is a powerful workshop that help activate and awaken abilities within your body threw the use of Angels, Guides and Crystals.

Cleansing, Repairing and Activating The 7 Chakras

This Workshop you will be shown what the 7 Charkas are and how to activate them and repair the damaged ones and how to keep them clean and activated. Many people do not even realize that they have one of 2 Chakras close which can lead to ill health.

Motivation to Achieve your Goals

This Workshop teaches you how to use the power within to achieve any goal you have set for yourself and how to make them a reality in your life. Knowing how to use the power within is the difference between setting goals and achieving your goals.

Spiritual Cleansing Of all Negative Entities

This Workshop teaches you what a Negative Entity is and how to remove it from your body. I have work with many people who have had negative entities and not only helped them remove them but also how to keep them from returning.

The Blue Light Healing

This Workshop teaches you the same Healing technique that Jesus performed, it teaches you first how to remove pain and then how to apply healing energy, You will be able to use this to work not only of friends and family but pets, plants and Gaia herself.

The Workshops can be attended in person or threw Skype. 

All Workshops are $40.00